Using a live telematic videoconference connection, the installation functioned between two geographically distant audiences located in separate 3×4 metre blue-box room installations at Khoj Studios, New Delhi and the Southbank Centre, London. The audience groups in these green and blue-box spaces are captured on camera and brought together through a system of live chroma-keying and are placed onto a computer-generated background image.

3x4 installation construction design — Credit: Paul Sermon Sequential chroma-key process — Credit: Paul Sermon Khōj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi — Credit: Vivek Muthuramalingam Southbank Centre, London — Credit: Claire McAndrew

The complete composited image is then displayed simultaneously on large LCD video screens in both locations. As the merged audiences start to explore this shared telepresent space they encounter the digital background environment they now both coexist within. These background scenes directly reference their combined social setting, ranging from informal settlement dwellings and Delhi environments to contemporary compact interior designs, micro living solutions and imagined worlds.