Metaspace Futures

Article by Paul Sermon and Claire McAndrew

Abstract: In Roy Ascott’s 1983 La Plissure du Texte (The Pleating of the Text) (Ascott and Shanken 2003), we saw the first flicker of digitally enabled, distributed authorship. Collapsing time and space through interactivity produced a layering of semantics that translated into unimagined, new narratives. Metaspace Futures documents our use of distributed authorship in telematic practice, to create a visual and embodied commentary on increasingly compact living spaces.  Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project 3×4 exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities builds on the established creative practice of interactive media artist Paul Sermon by merging a 3×4 metre room installation at Khoj International Artists’ Association in Delhi with an identical space at the Southbank Centre in London.

Metaverse Creativity Journal 6: 1&2, pp. 55–65, doi: 10.1386/mvcr.6.1-2.55_7 Dec 2016, Intellect

Performing Architecture

By Claire McAndrew and Paul Sermon

Abstract: As ‘affordability’ translates to ‘smaller’ in cities such as London and ‘3×4 metre’ plots in the most radical resettlement colonies in Delhi, it is necessary to expand our dialogue of alternative futures. Squeezing space to a minimum is producing intensively stacked and concentrated architectural forms. It is also creating a need for dialogue on the experiential aspects of micro living particularly as digital platforms create new types of blended living environments. Performance architecture is a tactic between artist and audience that exposes the permeability between subject and space as a mode of spatial production.

Urban Pamphleteer #6: Open-source Housing Crisis, pp. 33-35, October 2016, UCL Urban Laboratory